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At RISLA, we're passionate about empowering students to reach their full potential through donor-funded scholarships. Let's create opportunities for students to obtain academic success and career growth together!

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Highlight student eligibility and application requirements, the number of awards, scholarship amount, deadlines, and more.

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Your selected winners will receive 100% of the funds that you have allocated to be put toward their higher education endeavors.

100% of your scholarship donation goes directly to scholarship winners!

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Donor Account Benefits


We match your scholarships with students, parents, and counselors based on their unique profiles.


Create a scholarship unique to a specific school, town, or county.

Tagging & Keywords

We help you tag scholarship applications with relevant keywords to attract your desired audience to your scholarships. Adding tags will enhance the discoverability of your scholarships and ensure they are visible to your target audience.

Hidden Gems

We can assist in getting your scholarship noticed by our Hidden Gems feature. This feature denotes and highlights scholarship opportunities with fewer views, giving students the opportunity not to overlook a “hidden gem”.


You can easily track how many people have viewed, liked, and applied for your scholarship.

Greater Exposure is promoted by RISLA via several mediums giving higher visibility to your philanthropic opportunity. RISLA promotes on social media, print ads in local publications, billboards, radio and more. We can help get your scholarship opportunity noticed!

RISLA offers a way to give back to your community or a cause you're passionate about through

Together, we can help students and parents pay for college.

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